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Banjax Notched

Dynamically Restyled

Banjax Notched is a more dynamic interpretation of my original Banjax fonts. As the name suggests, the glyphs are notched – these precise incisions create a more energetic aesthetic.

The sense of drama the fonts evoke would be ideal for titling, headlines, branding and corporate identities. I feel they are particularly suited for use on book covers, magazines, film posters and all related advertising, as well as for promoting sporting and musical events.

As with Banjax, distinguishing features include a large x-height, short descenders, distinctive asymmetrical contrast, angled terminals, squared dots and punctuation, and, of course, those notches which enhance this typeface’s personality. Overall, Banjax Notched makes for a pleasant reading experience with enough nuances to make it an ideal choice for branding purposes – particularly when paired with regular Banjax.

Release Date February 2018
Classification Humanist Sans
No. of Fonts 14
Weights & Styles
ExtraLight Italic
Light Italic
Medium Italic
Bold Italic
Black Italic
Ultra Italic
Alternates 3
Ligatures 4
Small Caps Yes
Petite Caps Yes
No. of Glyphs 1100
Language Support Latin Extended & Basic Greek

Please try the fonts here for yourself using the Type Tester. If you like what you see, you can purchase Banjax Notched from my reseller partners. Be sure to check all the links as promotions are available occasionally.



After the success of the original Banjax that was released in August of 2017, I found myself wanting to add more styles to the family. I had stumbled across an interesting style of typeface through my interest in football (soccer) and wondered, could this be a new trend? The examples I had seen were custom type designs as part of rebrands for Sky Sports by Nomad and Aston Villa Football Club by SomeOne – both in the UK (see examples by clicking the links).

I hadn’t seen anything commercially available that was similar to these designs, so I decided to interpret my own for Banjax. I have opted to call this style ‘notched’, but I could have also called it ‘dimension’ as my original plan was to show that the letterforms had the illusion of dimension, where raised sections cast imaginary shadows (the notches) onto lower sections of each glyph. This effect works best with light type over a dark background.

Banjax - Dynamically Restyled with Attitude Banjax - Dynamically Restyled with Attitude Banjax - Dynamically Restyled with Attitude Banjax - Dynamically Restyled with Attitude Banjax - Dynamically Restyled with Attitude



So, there are 1,100 glyphs in each of the 14 fonts in the Banjax Notched family, why on earth would you ever need that many? Well, as a former graphic designer I always appreciated expansive typefaces that included true Small Caps, this made typographic explorations much more compelling and enjoyable. Small Caps are included in Banjax Notched, along with all the appropriate diacritics for extensive language support.

I have also included Petite Caps that harmonise with the lowercase characters. Again, as a graphic designer, I would love to create unicase logotypes/brand marks – in most fonts there would be a mismatch between the reduced caps and lowercase characters in weight/balance, so I would have to manually adjust glyphs to get the exact style I was looking for. With Banjax Notched, you can create unicase style typography “right out of the box”, just switch to Small Caps and then select Stylistic Set 1. With Adobe’s recent software improvements, selecting a glyph and switching to the alternates available is an even easier process (thank you, Adobe!).

There are 3 alternates for the /a/g/&/ glyphs. There are ligatures for /fh/fi/fk/fl/ but these only become apparent in the heavier weights where the terminal of the /f/ shrinks back to avoid clashing with its partner.

Right, that’s about it. I hope you enjoy using Banjax Notched, you can try the Regular weight for free – all you need to do is make contact below and I will email the font over to you.



Make Dynamic Headlines with Banjax Notched.

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